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As a parent it is important you have access to informed, accurate and current advice relating to schooling, career guidance, and applying to university. Allow us to share our experience and expertise to help you make the right decisions for their future. 

See how we can help.


As a student you will face many exciting challenges when you decide to apply to international school. Which is the best school for you? Which programme should you take?

Leaving school you will likely wish to study at university. How do you apply? How do you apply through UCAS? How can you be confident that your application is successful?

We are here to help!

International Schools

Our services include:

- programme candidature

- programme authorisation

- programme design

- programme policies

- programme 5 Year Review process

- Training on core programme areas

- Independent Schools Inspections

- Staff workshops on Safeguarding 

"Mr. Green not only taught us to think critically and ethically he guided and advised as a mentor. Without his counselling  I would not have decided to study veterinary medicine. Today I am a successful veterinary doctor working in an international business in the field of veterinary pharmaceuticals."


Matija Medved (DVM), Slovenia

"Chris assisted my daughter in putting together her university application, playing a large role in the preparation of interview questions, as well as constant revision of her personal statement. His knowledge on the International Baccalaureate system helped us through tough times as my daughter switched subjects within her first year of study. Thanks to Chris’ support and encouragement, my daughter achieved grades far higher than we could have hoped for, and landed a spot at King’s College London to study her dream course, PPE."

Dalia Tawali, (Parent), United Kingdom

"Chris was extremely supportive at a very traumatic time. He listened, comforted and guided our daughter to secure a place at a good University which she would not necessarily have got without his help. He was always available to speak to on the phone and almost immediately responded to emails often out of hours. Chris has a thorough knowledge of UCAS and how each individual student's application should be presented for maximum credit."

Raj Veja (Barrister), United Kingdom

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