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Writing a UCAS Personal Statement

The UCAS Personal Statement is how a university comes to know you as a future undergraduate student. The content can determine whether or not a chosen university makes you an initial offer, so you will need to draft and craft your Personal Statement.

  • When have you allocated time to work on your Personal Statement? 

  • How many hours do you think it will take you to produce a complete Personal Statement that persuades the Admissions Officer to offer you a place? 

  • Are you able to sell yourself in only 4,000 characters including spaces and lines?

  • Are there key words you should include? Which transition phrases will you use?

  • Should you include humour? Should you start with a quote? Should you reference others? 

Allow us to review your draft for you, and provide you with feedback pertinent to your course and university application. 

The UK University Application Process

The UK university application process is one of the most important applications you will make. 

Lots of new terminology for you to grapple with: Buzzword, Adjustment, Clearing, Personal ID, Tracking, Point of Entry, Firm Choice, Deferral, Extra . . . then you have all the sections to complete:

  • Personal Details

  • Additional Info

  • Student Finance

  • Course Choices

  • Education History

  • Employment History

  • Personal Statement 

Allow us to help you understand the process, what is involved, complete the application, and submit early in Year 13/Grade 12.

IB Diploma Course Selection

Choosing the right IBDP subjects and the right level for your ability and future plans is key to being a successful IB DP student.

  • How do you determine which subjects to study?

  • Must you follow 3 Higher Level subjects and 3 Standard Level subjects? 

  • Do you have to study one subject from each group?

  • What combination can you choose? 

  • How do you follow a bi-lingual IB Diploma? 

  • Is Higher Level History or Standard Level right for you? Will you have needed to have studied History in Year 11/Grade 10 in order to study HL History?  

UK Universities and IBDP Entry Requirements

This is an important part of making informed decisions regarding your Higher Education plans.


At this stage you may not know which specific universities you would like to attend after completing your IB Diploma, but we will help you determine a range so that you know how to meet course entry requirments when you apply in the subsequent year. 


Universities don't just ask for a total IBDP points total. Many ask for specific scores in specific subjects and require you to have studied certain subjects at Higher Level - this is all very important information when choosing your subjects for the two years of the IB Diploma. 

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