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Choosing an International School

International Schools are all very different. There are European International Schools, American International Schools, British International Schools and just plain old International Schools. They might be independent schools, church schools, grammar, or secondary schools.  We can help you determine what International  School is right for you and your children, or help you choose a new IB World School should your family need to relocate mid-way through the IB Diploma programme. 

  • How do you differentiate between a good and outstanding International School?  

  • Is a 100% examination pass rate an indicator of an outstanding International School?

  • What accreditation or recognised bodies indicate an outstanding International School?

Let us help you choose the right international school for your family. 

The UK university Application Process  

The UK university application process is one of the most important applications a student will make - for the majority of universities and courses applications will be made through UCAS (The University and Colleges Admissions Service). 

Although the official 'deadline' to submit applications is the 15th of January, UCAS will receive applications as early as the 6th of September in the precediing year. 

We will look to ensure your son/daughter's UCAS application is as complete as early as is possible to better place them for early offers.

Understanding the IB Diploma

The International Baccalaureate Diploma programme is an internationally recognised post-16 qualification. Originating in Geneva in 1968, it is now available in over 2000 schools in approximately 140 countries. With students choosing one subject from each of the six subject areas, as well as studying Creativity, Activity, and Service. Theory of Knowledge, and completing an Extended Essay it is indeed a challenging and rigourous programme recognised and respected by the world's best universities.   


Let us help you understand the programme and what it will mean for your child/ren.

 Writing a UCAS Personal Statement

The UCAS Personal Statement is how a university comes to know your son or daughter. The content can determine whether or not a chosen university makes an initial offer.


We offer a number of services:


Comprehensive review of the Personal Statement  

One-to-one guidance on how to write a Personal Statement. 

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