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Articles Related to our Work

ACS Hillingdon Assistant High School Principal and IB Coordinator

Last year ACS Hillingdon’s school community was awarded the Council of International School’s (CIS) International Accreditation – the only school in Europe and just one of five worldwide to receive the award.


The accreditation highlights the school’s commitment to embedding an international approach in the curriculum, in extra curricular activities and in every facet of school life.  It was my pleasure to hang the school’s accreditation mark in pride of place!


In today’s globally mobile world it is essential that our students, the workforce of tomorrow, develop an international mindset with skills to collaborate and work alongside worldwide-based teams. Read more

Chirs Green

How valuable is an international education?

Chris Green, Assistant Principal and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Coordinator at ACS Hillingdon International School, discusses the strengths of an international education.

School leavers and university graduates are increasingly expected to have sound knowledge and experiences of the world on an international level and I believe that one of the best ways to achieve this is through an international education. Read more

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